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Goh Liu Ying 吴柳莹, badminton mixed doubles player No.3 in the world & International (Highest ranking)



Jeryl Lee PeiLing 李佩玲, a well-known female singerin Malaysia & International



Pink Tan 陈珂冰, famous female singerin Malaysia and Singapore



Loved it so so much. Thanks you Kate Mosella! xoxo.

by Yunna Tan 陈韵传 , Malaysia.

(Astro news reporter, TV host, Emcee)



Tan Chia Yong 陈嘉荣, 8 TV Newscaster, Lecturer



Jadi nak pilih kasut yang sesuai dan sempurna dengan kaki kita, nak atau tak nak, kena custom made. Anim pilih kasut yang sesuai dgn baju nikah and sanding.

by Anim Ezati Rizki , Malaysia.

(TV3 TV host, TV reporter)



Wee Ping Goh 吴维彬, Actor, TV Host



 Thank you Kate Mosella for the amazing shoes, making me shine all the way through.

by Joyce Harn 洪 紫 涵 , Malaysia. 

(Movies Actor, Drama Actor , MTV Actor,  Model)




Love my shoes custom made by kate mosella custom shoes

by Stephanie Lee, Malaysia.

(Artiste, Emcee, Model, Actress, Brand Ambassador, Miss Chinese Cosmos Malaysia Champion 2007)



Dennis Gan 颜小丹, Astro & 8TV, TV Host, Emcee, Voice-Over



Kate Mosella shoes used in my wedding, the shoes were spectacular. Thank you very much.

By Alicia López, Netherlands.



The shoe is soooo comfy and beautiful!!! I love it! <3

By Intan



It is nice. My feet weren't pain at all after wearing it for one whole day.

By Yeow Pui Yee, Singapore.



Jin Cheng 劲程, Ai FM DJ, Emcee



By Lily Kan.



  I customized these shoes to match my wedding dress. They arrived within 6 weeks and they are perfect. The construction is very high quality and the leather on the inside is very soft, making them comfortable to wear. I noticed they seem a little bit big, but the inserts they came with for the ball of the foot seem to make them fit a little more snug. Over all, I couldn't be happier and I cannot wait to wear them on my wedding day and hopefully many future occasions!!!

By Brittney Westover, United States of America.




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 Hi miss looi,
I just saw some of your news that you are opening your shop in mid valley and I'm here to send my congrats to you! A very well deserved achievement for you and your husband. I remember when I first came to your studio at ss2 last year, my husband and I love the lovely service from you and your husband so much.And of course, I'm so happy with the custom made white and gold wedding heels from you all which I'm still wearing now whenever I have an event. Again, congrats to you and your husband. I wish you all the best!

by Nicole



已经在这家店订制了3双鞋子,每一双都很喜欢!由于怀孕了,又不想在结婚时穿平底鞋,老板娘建议我做一双松糕厚底鞋,可以保存高度还让我舒适的站了一整晚!真的要谢谢Ms Looi 的贴心建议,也尽量帮我赶急做出这双嫁鞋,而且是我们俩讨论的设计!网上的客户服务做得非常好,鞋子购买后的询问也回复也很快很贴心!

by Feeling Teo



It`s Comfort !



So happy with my custom made wedding shoes!!! Exactly as I wanted them and super comfortable!!! Thanks a lot Kate Mosella.

By Tina Gkarmiri, Sweden.



感谢 Kate Mosella 依照我想要的简单设计,制做了这款5寸高“玻璃鞋”,让我撑的起嫁衣,也能和王子(老公)的距离更近。除了能定制婚鞋外,还有许多鞋款任大家挑选,他们也提供网购服务哦!有空就到他们的网页逛逛吧!询问Whatsapp回复率超快!

by Sylvia Yeam



Thank you ‪KateMosella‬, gold is never old!

by NeeYaa Soo



Thank you Kate Mosella! I love it..

by Marcia Teng



  感谢 Kate Mosella 为我设计了一双我喜欢的款式的婚鞋,^_^ 穿起来很舒服,实在太喜欢了。期待婚礼当天穿。



我的玻璃鞋  超闪亮的登场  Swarovski 鑽鑽!!

by WaiLing Ng



Thank you Kate Mosella Custom Made Shoes for making this wonderful wedding shoe! It is truly one of its kind, beautiful and I love it very much. Really appreciate all the communications and services I receive throughout the process of ordering n even after sales services. Thank you!!

by Joey Ong, Hong Kong.



Thank you for the beautiful shoes made Kate Mosella.... Sincerely

by YM Raja Nong



Loving my gorgeous black, pumps and champagne heels for the special day!

by Jen Li Wong



Thanks Kate Mosella for custom made .. We love it so much!

by MunMun



  Love it...

by Cchen Tan



Lovely heels for a lovely shoot..

By Yiling Ho, Australia.



thank you Kate Mosella Custom Made Shoes! really love my custom made shoes and very satisfied with the service. thank you Ms Looi for helping me with the altering and fitting.

by Megumi Sharon



Thanks Kate Mosella for custom made my wedding heels.. I love it so much!

by Jacklyn Tan



Dear Kate Mosella Custom Made Shoes ,  Thanks for this comfy and nice shoes! Love it !!

by Zuyyin Zulaikha



Thank you! finally I got my small size high heels♥ it's very comfortable to wear....

By Sinyiang Lau, United Kingdom.



 Super like and comfortable shoes..love it ...thanks Kate Mosella Custom Made Shoes.

by Zoe Yap



Kate Mosella Custom Made Shoes for my ROM 11.11.15. Thank you for the design, I like it so much!

By Queenie Pyf, Singapore.



 Thanks for Kate Mosella for making my dream shoes.

by Lock Yoke Thin



Love their shoes. I had my last minute shopping for the wedding shoe and looking for something simple i.e. something which I could wear it again after wedding. Love the customer service - prompt reply and suggestion, particularly coming to the point in understanding customers' basic requirements and needs.

I don't wear heels often. And their suggestion to take 3.5 inch is indeed very promising. There was neither bruises nor discomfort for the whole 5-hrs wedding dinner, be it standing, walking or even running around.

I've made a size 5 1/2, nude pink with slight glitter champagne lining. For the price paid with 100% comfy shoe in return. No regret.

by Samantha Yinz‎



Catherine: Glittering and outstanding



Love the shoes very much! Keep on the spirit of making more nice shoes for the market!

by Shellby Low



Kate Mosella's shoes is really comfortable and glamour, specially made this for wedding and i love it so much!
by Jessica Teo



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